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Business Meeting

Strategy Sessions

Elevate your scale-up journey with Alofs Business Consulting's Strategy Sessions. In these dynamic half-day sessions, we collaborate to revamp your business plans, enhance core concepts, and define robust internationalization strategies. Our expertise extends to identifying avenues for funding, with a focus on securing public subsidies tailored to your unique needs. By dedicating focused time to strategic exploration, we empower your business to thrive in a global landscape. Join us for a transformative Strategy Session, where innovation meets practicality, propelling your scale-up ambitions to new heights


Four-hour session € 875 

Day session (8 hours) € 1600


Subsidy Advice & Grant Application

At Alofs Business Consulting, we delve into your growth strategy, meticulously examining all pertinent scaling milestones and identifying subsidies that can substantially mitigate the costs of expansion. Additionally, through our collaborative partnerships, we specialize in securing subsidies tailored specifically to your company's needs. Whether it's navigating grants for research and development, innovation, or market expansion, we leverage our expertise to write compelling subsidy applications on your behalf. Let us optimize your growth trajectory while minimizing financial hurdles.


Government Relations Support

Alofs Business Consulting serves as the nexus between business and government, providing a comprehensive strategy formulation that sets you on the right trajectory for success. We specialize in sectors such as Healthcare, Technology, and Sustainability.

Our services include:

Building and maintaining relationships with government officials and policymakers at the national, provincial and local level.

Developing strategies to advocate for your company's interests.

Collaborating with interest groups and coalitions.

Providing analyses to understand the impact of policies on the company.

Advising on the development of strategies for effective government engagement.

Assisting in positioning the company regarding regulatory issues.

Identifying potential risks associated with government policies.

Costs may vary depending on the nature of the project.


Concept Development

We assist companies in designing and developing a robust business model that serves as the foundation for their growth strategies. This includes identifying revenue streams, cost structures, and value propositions that can stimulate company growth. We support companies in creating realistic financial projections and developing a financial plan, supplemented in each growth phase with subsidies and government programs.

Additionally, we offer concept evaluation and selection services to accelerators, governments, and public-private organizations, aiding in identifying and selecting the most promising concepts for further support and investment. Additionally, we assist in designing acceleration programs and incubators aimed at supporting startups in refining their concepts, advising on program structure, content, and activities for maximum impact.

Prices on request


NEW: Special offer for Tech and Health companies

Partnering with the Global Scale-up Company, we present a unique opportunity to craft a comprehensive global Market Strategy for your business. Whether you're seeking to expand your product, process, or service offerings, define your value proposition, explore revenue models, develop a robust business case, attain (medical) technology certifications, secure financing, or tap into our extensive international network, we've got you covered.

This exclusive GSC Innovation Partnership, valued at €12,500, is now available to your company for just €2,500. 

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