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Welcome to Alofs Business Consulting!

Many businesses struggle to access financing and navigate government programs. The complexity of subsidy identification and grant application processes can be daunting. At Alofs Business Consulting, we simplify these processes and provide strategic guidance to help you maximize growth opportunities.

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Special offer for Tech Companies 

Limited offer: €12.500- in consulting services for only €2.500

In partnership with Global Scale-up Company, we help startups and scale-ups with:

- Funding opportunities
- Business strategy
- International commercialization

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Our offer

Personalized Grant Report

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Cost: €250

- Complete our quick and easy questionnaire

- Our experts analyze your responses

Receive a comprehensive overview of available subsidies tailored to your needs

Funding Strategy Meeting

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Cost: €1,000

- In-depth session with your team

- Develop a strategy to tap into the right funding sources
- Identify suitable subsidies, investors, and other financing options

Program Development


Accelerator Program Setup: Interim management services to establish and manage your accelerator program

Government Affairs Function Setup: Assist in building an effective government affairs function

Government Affairs Strategy Meeting


Cost: €1,000

- Develop a strategy to strengthen ties with the government
- Align business objectives with government initiatives
- Increase influence and collaboration with government bodies

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Niek Alofs

Founder & Owner

Niek Alofs, founder of Alofs Business Consulting, has extensive experience in renowned organizations and government bodies. He has helped over 100 companies grow, leveraging his expertise from Oost NL, RVO, and now Alofs Business Consulting.

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Niek is a dedicated person with a clear vision. While I was running a broad and complex program on internationalization of startups and scale-ups, he was the one who helped me with the implementation of our strategy and critical actions. Thanks to his hard work we were able to help hundreds of startup/scale up companies to achieve their international ambitions.

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Niek helped with preparing the World Economic Forum annual and regional meetings and Dutch trade missions, and proved to be an extremely reliable, thorough and efficient team member representing Philips.



Niek was engaged in the development of our Public Affairs strategy and priorities and demonstrated a good balance between strategic thinking and hands-on working. Niek created real added value for the company.


Niek is a pleasant and reliable person to work with. Always willing to help out others, in any way he can. He played a significant role in developing the concept for our program on Trade promotion (GO4EXPORT) and advised the Management Team (MT) of Oost NL on numerous strategic topics. With his specialized knowledge and conceptual thinking skills we used Niek often as a sparring partner when developing new programs and projects. He has a strong talent for strategic and conceptual thinking and knows how to connect this knowledge with the needs of (local) companies.


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Bedankt voor de inzending!

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